Operations Resources, Inc.

Comprehensive Assistance In Operations Improvement


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Welcome to Operations Resources, Inc.

Operations Resources (O/R) is a consulting organization dealing in Productivity Improvement for manufacturing concerns. With over forty years of experience in a variety of industries, including:

     - Textiles                                              - Pressure Vessel Construction
     - Electronic Assembly                         - Wood Products
     - CNC Machining                               - Primary/Structural Metal Fab
     - Polymer Thermoforming                 - Semiconductor Production

O/R believes it is uniquely positioned to assist a wide range of manufacturing concerns in their operational problems, growth opportunities or resource constraints.


The form of the assistance can range from high-level project design and oversight to resource augmentation at the “shirt sleeves” level. O/R has an extensive command of an equally wide range of disciplines, including:

     - Production & Materials Management           - Statistical Process Control
     - Process/Work Flow Analysis                           - ERP Implementation Assistance
     - Work Measurement & Analysis                      - Standard Process Development
     - Warehousing Design/Automation                   - Plant Design/Redesign
     - Continuous Process Improvement (LEAN)   - Process Simulations

Finally, O/R’s level of experience in these industries and disciplines enable us to comfortably work across departmental borders, including sales and marketing, to get at the root cause or core of an issue or opportunity.

"An engagement is considered successful only when the client's problem has been solved, or the opportunity gained, and the organization has obtained the ability to use the tools learned through the process to address future issues independently."